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deWoodstok is a creative company, started by three fanatic climbers in 2013. If you have a question regarding anything, feel free to contact us. You can reach us by e-mail or by filling in the contact form. We have the intention to respond within 24 hours.

deWoodstok B.V.
Haagweg 125a
2612 CR Delft
the Netherlands

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about dewoodstok

About deWoodstok deWoodstok was founded by three Dutch climbers in 2012. Struck by the fact that even on bouldering world cups DIY brushes were used, they were convinced by the idea that brushing solutions could be improved. A phase of prototyping followed until the first version of the extendable bouldering brush was released in 2013. By then it was the first bouldering brush on the market to feature brushes that were adjustable in angle. Since the very start of this product, the IFSC has been using deWoodstok bouldering brushes at boulder World Cups worldwide. Throughout the years the product and its production process evolved. Brushes and parts improved for a better experience and an even more sturdy gym version was introduced (extendable bouldering brush XL - 2021). Along the way, the wish to improve bouldering tools on the market led to the introduction of other products: the bigger hand brush (2016) and the woodbord (2020).
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