dewoodstokdeWOODSTOK is produced and assembled by hand in the Netherlands. All parts of deWOODSTOK have been carefully selected on quality and the birch ply wooden parts are lasercut by Laserbeest in Delft. A standard WOODSTOK comes together with a telescopic stick and a head with two brushes. deWOODSTOK is 1,40m long and 2,28m in it’s extended position.
adjust itThe nice thing about the WOODSTOK is that by using the lever, you can adjust the angle of the brushes into the position you want.
brushesThe brushes on the WOODSTOK are specifically designed for cleaning holds. The small brush for the sharp stuff and a large brush for the flat stuff. Both brushes are custom made of beech wood with boar hairs. Want to use your own brush? Mark out the positions and drill two holes and you’re set to go.
care instructionsWe have manufactured the WOODSTOK with care, please handle it with care too. Keep it dry to protect the wood from delamination. You could damage the pole’s internal mechanism if you overtighten it with your big bouldering muscles.
preserve the rockPlease keep brushing to a minimum and brush only when it is necessary. If the rock is wet, do not brush. Boar hair is coarse and durable, so you only need to brush gently.
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